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H-COR is founded in 2015 as a law firm of a new generation. We provide a wide range of legal, accounting and investment services. The basis of the company's business is compliance. Therefore, the H-COR motto is complexity, openness and responsibility.
The H-COR team consists of lawyers, advocates, accountants and financiers. Our specialists are distinguished by non-standard and complex approaches to solving problems and taking responsibility for their words and actions. We serve as a personal assistant for the client taking it under our wings and cares until the desired result is achieved - from the calculation and payment of taxes to full audit and strategic planning of your business. We take into account the classical legal standards and constantly learn new techniques to provide the client with protection and feeling of calmness while working with us.

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Trust of clients from more than 13 countries:

In 2018 more than 200 customers successfully used the services of the company. Now H-COR maintains accounting and provides legal support to more than 50 clients.

Service areas:

Support of investments and projects.During 4 years of the activity our team of specialists have been assisted in provision about 600 million UAH investments and 25 projects. During this time clients from 15 countries of the world contacted the H-COR. Now the company accompanies more than UAH 250 million in investments in Ukraine.
Audit and strategic planning.We provide support during the purchase and sale of business: we conduct audits and checks on the purity of counterparties. The H-COR team has developed a system of strategic planning with legitimate work mechanisms according to which customers can save from $ 1000 to $ 100,000 per year depending on the scale of projects.
Financial services.Representation of the interests of insurance market participants is one of the first specializations of our team. Our specialists have conducted more than 1000 cases in this area.
Accounting services.We are outsourcing accounting and assume full financial responsibility for the work done.
List of services:○ payroll
○ calculation and payment of taxes
○ optimization of taxation
○ compilation and submission of reports
○ maintaining the original documentation
○ communication with supervisory authorities
○ counseling on all issues

Real estate and movable property.We are engaged in protection of the rights in the field of real estate and movable property. We help with obtaining permits and licenses for construction, designing redevelopment, delivery of objects, etc. Our account has over 100 successful completed property related cases ranging from inheritance to disputes between owners.
Intellectual Property and IT.We are committed to creating copyright and confidentiality systems. For 4 years the company's specialists have been working on projects in the field of intellectual property and successfully accompany IT companies.
Compliance.If your company endeavors to grow and increase its profit it is impossible without a preliminary audit. During the audit an independent opinion about the situation in the company is formed. The audit warns against tax disputes, sanctions and losses of control over reporting. Our specialists will analyze all the documentation of your firm to find finally the solutions for optimizing workflows.