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Success in business should be safe. Real safety means accordance with the law.
Compliance is the ability of company to comply with rules and regulations, both external and internal.
Traditional legal compliance has following directions:- counteracting the legalization of proceeds from crime; - counteracting corruption, fraud and financing of terrorism; - developing documents and procedures which ensure the company's compliance with existing legislation; - elimination of conflict of interests; - data protection, apparently personal ones;- bank control;- antitrust compliance;- cybersecurity;- environmental standards;- labor standards.
Only the professional is able to organize your work with the legal (legislatively regulated) means in such way that your business would save costs legally. There are examples from the real cases in construction and IT. For instance, one of the last our company’s cases in construction - compliance enabled saving about $100,000 thanks to the use of tax legislation, namely subitem 197.1.14 item 197.1 Article 197 of the Legal Code of Ukraine, and in IT field, one of companies with the imperfect accounting, had to lose about $10,000 a year because lack of understanding the place of service by the accountant what caused overpaid taxes. In our other cases, the client’s desire to save, for example, on employees, has led to incredible fines for violating labor laws. It happened because illiterate approach to the developed documents without consideration of all legislation requirements. Therefore, with the complex work of specialists it is possible to establish a work mechanism in accordance with legislation. What shall be done for that: - To conduct an audit of activity, or of its planning; - To develop a mechanism for implementation, - To develop documentation projects, - To perform the constant control on compliance with the legislation.
Spend with the sense, and save lawfully and safely.

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