The issues of Investment Relations in Construction at the Forum of New Buildings and Investments 2019 Arena Lviv was disscused

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Vasyl Hordiy shared the practice of the investment relations in the field of housing construction.

Practical issues of investment relations, market trends and legal and financial mechanisms of developers were discussed on the forum.
The discussion touched upon legislative issues, case law and practical issues of concern to developers and investors. During the process more than ten practical cases were opened and the most important problems and mistakes that should be avoided when conducting business in the sphere of construction, including incorrect execution of investment contracts, work with the wrong financial mechanisms, obtaining permits, etc. were highlighted.

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Success can only be reached through mistakes, new knowledge and thorough preparation on every issue

Legal and financial mechanisms that in practice allow you to save from $ 30 to $ 100 per square meter of residential real estate, which in the case increases the profitability of the project and minimizes the financial risks shown in the practical cases. Qualitative analytics, professional lawyers and financiers will allow your project to legally flourish and minimize threats. This is what H-COR does, we provide the best solutions to problematic issues and take the most effective preventative measures for project safety. By discovering our clients' experiences and analyzing the mistakes of others, we come up with the best strategy to achieve the best result for that we learn every day.

Legal expertise from H-COR is the maximum of information and the choice of the optimal solution for the implementation of activities and implementation of investment projects. Our specialists are highly qualified specialists who will help you to avoid risks and work for optimal solutions. The progressive ideas are promoted by us are a tool for maximum efficiency and mobility in addressing problematic issues.