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During its activity, our Company provided assistance in support of investment projects for over 600 million UAH in Ukraine, and continues to accompany 250 million UAH investments.

In its activities since 2015, H-COR has accompanied around 60 investment projects in different areas starting from common trade and finishing with creative spheres.For our clients, the security of assets and compliance with the agreements were very important. Therefore, there were developed the whole complex of anti- raider measures, agreements for the regulation of investment relations, and cooperation with State authorities was arranged. Within given time, about 10 different types of investment relations in various areas such as IT, power and natural resources, finance, construction, production, trade have been processed. During this work, we were pleased to work with clients from 15 countries of the World such as Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Bahrain, Great Britain, Italy and other. For successful investment, it is required to carry out a detailed analysis of both financial calculations and organizational moments. After that, it is necessary to develop the complete mechanisms and implementation plans. It requires a significant efforts and professional approach. Our company has been guided always by the principle of professionalism in its activity and enlisted to work the best narrow-profile specialists what gives a really good result. Every customer is valuable to us and we aren’t going to save our efforts for them. Therefore our Clients know that their investments are safe 24/7.

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